Our Latest CQC Review

Excerpts From the review


People and relatives that we spoke with were complimentary of the service that they received. 

We saw suitable and safe arrangements in place in relation to the administration and recording of medicines.

Procedures relating to safeguarding people from harm were in place and care staff understood what to do and who to report to if people were at risk of harm. Included were risk assessments that considered people’s individual potential risks, robust recruitment process and mental capacity assessments.

People were supported to make their own choices and decisions where possible.

Care plans were person centred, detailed and provided information to enable care staff to appropriately support people.

Care staff told us that they enjoyed working for the agency and felt well supported by the registered manage.

Each person receiving care had a regular and consistent member of care staff allocated to their package of care. This promoted good working relationships between care staff and people who used the service.

People and relatives told us that they were treated with respect and dignity. We were told that although staff were present to support people they also encouraged and promoted people to build their independent living skills.

They also felt assured that any concerns or issues raised would be appropriately addressed by the registered manager. 


Overall Rated Good


Care staff were able to tell us how they could recognise abuse and knew how to report it appropriately. Risk assessments were detailed and specific to the person’s individual needs and requirements.

People were supported to have their medicines safely.

Robust recruitment processes were adhered to, to ensure that only suitable staff were recruited. 


Care staff received regular training to effectively carry out their role. Care staff were supported in their role through regular supervisions.

Where people required support with their nutrition and hydration, their dietary preferences, likes and dislikes had been recorded in their care plan.

People had access to health and social care professionals and were supported in this area by the care staff supporting them, where required.


People and relatives told us that care staff were caring and treated them with respect and dignity.

Care plans were detailed, and person centred. 

People were supported to make informed decisions about the care that they received.


Service users were actively engaged in making decisions about their care.

The service had not received any formal complaints since they had begun providing care and support. Where small issues and concerns were raised, we saw that the registered manager had systems in place to ensure that these were dealt with and recorded effectively. 


Service users and relatives knew the registered manager and were able to raise any concerns or issues at any time. Several quality assurance systems were in place which assessed the standard of care provision with a view to learning and making improvements.

There was an open and transparent culture within the service where good practice was identified and encouraged.